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Skip Hire to SHOUT about!

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                                                                             Skip & RoRo Services


One of the questions we get asked a lot is, what skip or roll on roll off do I need?


So please bear in mind that roughly 10 sacks is the equivalent to 1 yard and you can’t go far wrong but we have many more funny ‘ equivalent examples’ to share!


We specialise in a quick turn around on delivery, exchanges and collections; with many permits being fast tracked so you can have your container on the same day. We work closely with large supermarket contractors, manufacturers, builders and DIY’ers!


If you have a steady build up of waste or a pile of waste you need to dispose of quickly and efficiently then look no further our nationwide skip and roll on roll off service will be there for you.

Same Day Service


               Fast Track Permits 


                              Full Range of Sizes

How to better understand Waste Skips!


Quickly become a waste skip Expert!

Everyone has got to start somewhere and we understand not everybody has an interest in waste skips and wheelie bins as we do! so we have put this video together for you to learn a litttle on waste skip sizes, their placement and to provide guidence on prohibited items.

Skip Waste Recycing:


Take a tour of what happens to your waste!

Where can you deliver a Skip?

You can have the waste skip dropped on your driveway, garden or building site, basically any privately owned land. If the hired skip is on the road you will require a permit at an additional cost.


Do I need permission from the Council to put a skip on the road?

Yes. You will need a permit from the Council. Full Circle are happy to sort this out for you on your behalf at no additional cost.


How long can I keep the skip?

For all private customers we have a 14 day limit on delivery of a Skip. If you wish to rent a Skip longer than this period of time please inform our staff prior to ordering.

How much can I put in the Skip?

The only requirement is that you don’t overload the skip. The skips can be level loaded only.
































Waste Skip Size Guide


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Waste Problems? We Solve Them

What can't go in my Skip?

You cannot use a skip to dispose of asbestos, plasterboard, fridge, freezers, car batteries, tyres, gas cylinders, paint tins (empty or full), food waste, fluorescent tubes, liquids, television sets, or computer monitors.


This is constantly changing in line with EA legislation. If unsure or if you would like an additional quote to dispose of any of the items above please ask a member of staff for assistance.


TV’s and Monitors


Clinical or Medical Waste




Large tree trunks

Fridges & Freezers

Electrical appliances

Fluorescent light tubes

Gas Canisters



Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids

Toxic materials

Tips on Skip Placement

Probably the most common questions we asked by customers relate to where their skip can be positioned. This can pose some challenges and the below information is designed to give you some idea about where you can place a bin in your situation.


Most small the medium sized skips are lowered off the back of a truck by two parallel hydraulic lifting arms. Many large skips are of the roll-on-roll-off variety (otherwise known as hooklift bins). With this mechanism, the bed of the truck tips up and the skip then slides down the bed of the truck. These mechanics dictate where a skip bin can or cannot be positioned.


Placement within your property


It is preferable to put the skip in your property if you can as this will avoid the need for a council permit and will also help to prevent unauthorised access to your skip by passersby who often put their own rubbish in other people’s skips.


Placement in a driveway


A skip truck is normally between 2.5m wide (small truck) and 3.3m (large truck) so if you need the skip right up a long driveway you need to be aware of the width of your gate and driveway, usually allow 8-9ft. The widest point of the truck is the mirrors so if the gate is low enough for the mirrors to pass over, even a large truck can get into most driveways.


Placement in garages, carports and underground parking stations


Only our mobile skip can be used in these locations. The required overhead clearance for a tipper is 2.6 metres. If you can get a Transit box van in the structure, the mobile skip will also fit.



Placement on the street


If it is not possible to place the skip within your property, you might need to put it in the street. Please refer to your Council Permit regarding the relevant rules that differ by location.


Placement in a front yard


If you want a skip bin placed in your front yard, this can often be achieved easily. There are two ways this can be done; either the skip can be lifted over the front fence if it is fairly low or the truck can reverse into the driveway and turn in so it can lower the skip in the yard rather than onto the driveway. The second option requires that there be adequate turning room.




0800 97 88 410

South Wales waste skip hire


We are a fully licensed and insured waste carrier, Supplying skip hire in South Wales and its surrounding areas to contractors, businesses and do-it-yourselfer’s. Our South Wales skip hire business offers a range of waste skips for hire to suit your every need at very cost effective rates. Our skip hire in South Wales service will save you both time and money. Hiring a skip in South Wales has never been easier.


For an instant quote for skip hire in South Wales, please call 0800 97 88 410 and we shall deliver the skip you hire from South Wales to your place of work on the same day if needed. Then after your done with the hire of your skip in South Wales or its surrounding area, give us a call and we shall arrange for your waste and rubbish skip to be collected.


When you hire a skip in South Wales please be assured we are continually bettering our recycling rates each and every year. We currently have recycling rates of 84% which means that if you have a hardcore skip, a wood skip, a general waste skip, a mixed waste skip, a green waste skip, a clay skip or hire a skip for household items, garden waste and attic clearances. We can assure you that up to 84% of that will be recycled.



Local History of South Wales


South Wales is the most densely populated area of Wales, mainly due to the amount of industry in the country being located to the South. South Wales has always had its industry surrounded around its indigenous materials such as coal, iron and steel. With work in these areas based around these materials the area’s population grew and with it the towns and cities we know today.


Many of the towns and cities in South Wales were built upon much older Roman and Norman settlements and this is the reason why South Wales has so many castles within its boundaries; once old wooden hill forts the castles were built in stone due to the amount of fighting that went on in the country around the 18th and 19th century.


In these modern days, as with most major cities and other settlements in the UK; South Wales has seen an increase in both high tech and service industries. Its inhabitants are travelling more and in turn both the old road, rail and sea links are improving, so our skip, skip alternatives (mobile skips), wheelie bins and rip-out services can get to you faster in South Wales and the West than ever before.



0800 97 88 410


Recycling Centres & Waste Transfer Stations


Full Circle Waste Services can issue full monthly reports to each client showing the amount of materials removed from each site, and a breakdown of the recycled products brought in from the client. Not only will this help our clients understand how much waste they are removing from their various sites, but also help show sustainability to their existing, and more importantly new customers.


This service will also benefit main contractors in undertaking their monthly site waste management plan reports. We supply all the information required so your surveyors and contract managers spend the minimal amount of time filling out documents. We can supply a complete trace of all site waste, and show full documentation in our reports. We can guarantee that we will be 100% more effective than your current supplier.


You can be confident that all your recyclable waste that is collected from your skip is reprocessed resourcefully and efficiently. Our Waste Transfer Stations are vital to this process as it is achieved through a combination of segregation and reduction, and is then transferred for reprocessing and eventually reuse.


Materials recycled at our Recycling Centres





This is separated into two types – ‘A’ Grade (pallets, wooden crates and white, untreated wood) and ‘C’ grade (plywood, chipboard, MDF etc.) It is reduced wherever possible and then chipped at a wood processing facility. It is then transferred for various uses, such as the production of MDF, Sterling Board and animal bedding.





Any concrete, brick and rubble is segregated and transferred for crushing. It can then be reused for a multitude of purposes.

Our destination facility uses the aggregates for land treatment which results in a benefit to agriculture or ecological improvement.





Any metals received at our site are segregated by the MRF.


The ferrous and non-ferrous metals are transferred to be shredded, and are then exported nationally and internationally for reuse.



Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE):


Following segregation, these items are collected and transferred to a WEEE processing plant, where magnets remove the ferrous metals and the non-ferrous metals are removed by using electronic currents. The remaining plastic is sorted into different grades and transferred for reuse.





This valuable raw material is separated and baled on site. We then transfer the bales to a paper processor to be stripped of its impurities - done by mixing it with water to turn it into a pulp. It is then screened and de-inked so it is ready for reuse.






Following segregation the glass is crushed and the contaminants removed. We then transfer it to a glass processing facility where it is melted in a furnace and moulded into new bottles or jars.






This is separated and baled on site. It is then transferred to be mixed with water and made into a pulp. A combination of water and wood shavings is then added to increase the strength of the end result. This is then transferred nationally for reuse.






This is mechanically screened into a uniformed size and any debris or oversized stones are separated. It is then transferred to a recycling centre where it is processed with emulsified Asphalt, thus producing a stabilised, recycled product. 





There are two main types of plastic: type 1 (PET) and type 2 (HDPE). These are baled separately on site and then transferred to a processing plant. Here it is cleaned initially with water and then a corrosive substance to remove any glue or chemicals. It is then dried and 'downcycled' into plastic pellets - the raw material for making recycled, plastic products. 





Natural composting process is accelerated through initial processing on site including shredding & screening. It is then transferred to a specialist facility whereby subject to a combination of composting techniques, invessels and windows, to catalyse the process further. The end product is a high-quality mulch which returns nutrients back into the earth.





0800 97 88 410

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"The guys at Full Circle introduced themselves upon arrival and were very courteous when in my home, they asked all the relevant questions and questions I hadn't thought of before undertaking any work. They ripped the space I needed out with ease and left all the electrical and plumbing in a fit state for the other tradesmen. I would highly recommend them and use them again for any future work be that waste removal or rip-outs. Cheers guys!"

☆☆☆☆☆ Chris Evans rated Full Circle Waste Services 5 out of 5

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